Catering Services

We are surfing through the tides of the coffee catering industry. We provide a luxury experience in every cup, source local ingredients, and build long-term relationships with clients by providing service worthy of a steamship cruise. Each cup provided by Steamship is treated with the highest regard to both the quality of the product as well as the journey it has ventured. The perfection is in the simplicity.


We provide full espresso bar service. Our self-contained espresso bars add elegance and interest to any setting. We understand that your guest's experience is the most important part of any event, whether business or social. We'll make sure that every guest feels appreciated and uplifted by our interaction and products.



careful planning and attention to detail - You Need it Whether designing a structure, coordinating a wedding, or crafting the best cup of coffee. Like a gourmet chef, the love of our craft and the dedication to excellence is reflected in every cup we serve. Our pour over coffee fills the room with energy and the aromas of fresh brewed single origin micro roasts.



Have something special in mind? Weddings? Birthdays? Anniversaries?

Customize your coffee cart! We would love to hear about your event. We are very flexible, and customize our services to your needs.